Because of Dramiel

Logging on to EvE for a bit of down.time after work, I noticed an open fleet invitation in alliance chat for a gate camp in p3. i hopped in my Jaguar and started making my way through low sec to the gang.
When I arrived, we had a fair few people in a wide range of ships, roughly 40 pilots in everything from frigs to bs’s, wit a nice amount of dictors, but no logistics.

after camping the gate for a while, a group of neutral dramiels jumped in to us, about 20, supported by a covops loki with probes, 2 sabres and a few taranis’.

A rather annoying game of cat and mouse followed, as our tackle attempted to provide warp in points for us, the dramiels would burn away and attempt to pick off stragglers.  I landed a few scrams on some of the dramiels, but as I neglected to fit a web, I was unable to old them in place. after numerous warp outs, warp ins and bubbles dropped, the dramiels left, we popped a few of them, and lost a few of our pilots. unfortunately the killboards do not seem to be updating,  but I believe we were up on isk killed vs lost, even if we were down on numbers killed vs lost.

a fun night in the end, but it makes me think about the balance of the dramiel, when the enemy fields a fleet almost entirely comprised of them… oh well, now the question : should I buy one myself? my track record for fotm ships is pretty bad, web nerf hit just after I trained recon 5, nos and myrmidon nerf hit just after I bought 5 fully fitted nos myrms :p.

Hmm, decisions…


Killmails -




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