How to recruit in Eve Online?

Our corp is small. This suits us to some extent for small gang PvP, but we generally need to arrange roams and ops days in advance to ensure that participation is good. Currently, when we engage in PvP we use between 5 and 7 pilots (which is pretty much everyone who is active in the corp).

I want to be able to log in and have lots of people online to call for roams at the drop of a hat. So we have started recruiting…

But, recruiting in Eve (and every other MMO) is a pain in the ass. We have recruitment ads on the Forums, in game, and I have been advertising in the recruitment channel for days now, and we have picked up one (ONE!) new member. Our new member is great, nice guy, nice skills, knows what he’s doing etc, but for days of recruiting, one is not enough!

What can we do to recruit more? I have no idea :(.

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