What’s in your hanger?

This is my first attempt at the eve blog banters that regularly circulate, and I must say I approve of the concept, having ideas thrust at you to write about can stimulate the imagination somewhat.


So down to business: My current combat hanger is as follows:

Hurricane x 2, shield extenders, damage mods, nanos and neuts. Nice agile small gang boat, or solo. Named Cane1 and Cane2 :)

Harbinger, similiar to the ‘canes, shield extender, max gank lows, scorch loaded HBL’s. Lovely 24km optimal with nice dps, more of a gang boat, but again, agile enough to solo a bit. Not names yet.

Broadsword, standard shield buffer setup, 130k ego, 500 dps passive tank. Named “On The Blob”, heh…

Rupture x2, shield gank nano, again – gang/solo :p.

Taranis x 2, dual prop neutron blaster, yummy solo dog fighter, or gang tackler (I’d rather fly the safer for gang tackling though). Named “Wheres the Party?”

Crusader, Long range nano fit, 5.5k top speed, agile, 125 dps. Enjoyable solo roam boat, had an awesome dual with a claw that I kited till he was 11% structure but like a fool I didn’t notice I had capped myself out, he got away :(. Named “Crusading”.

I also have a number of covert ops ships ready and waiting for covops gangs, including a pilgrim, rapier and nemesis.


As you can tell from my combat ready ships, I have a penchant for fitting nano/shield buffer and max gank, as I love the playstyle and it seems to work very well an most things bc size and lower.


I have many more ships spread throughout the eve universe in various states of fitting, however the above ships are the ones that I have had shipped out to our current theatre of operation. After gong on a lovely shopping spree in Jita, I payed Raging Taurus of Dark Cross Industries for his awesome Jump Freighter service to ship them to low sec for me, 8ish jumps, 400 mil collateral, and it only cost me 40 mil, which is a price I believe was fair as it saved me moving them one by one from Jita to low sec (we had 3 active wars at the time).

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