Eve Online: Operation Odysseus; of Corp theft, Espionage and Sabotage

Odysseus was a Greek that commanded the horse of troy as it was pulled inside an unsuspecting Sparta, proceeding to disembark and slay all of the citizens/soldiers inside the city.

Odysseus is also the name of my new trial account on Eve, who is planning a similar caper but substituting empire carebear mission/mining corps with Spartans.

Note: Odysseus is not the name of the character intending the aforementioned capers, naming her here would not be conducive to covert operations, would it? ;)


After hanging out in the Recruitment channel for a few hours, I inquired about joining a small industrial/mission running Corp and engaged in a lengthy discussion with the CEO, a returning vet, who claimed he used to PvP and owned over 200 BPO’s.

I had a quick browse on battleclinic and he did indeed pvp, in 0.0, in 2008, with roughly 5 kills to 50 deaths. He also flies hulks, and has lost many in low sec. Sounds like a great mark to me.


The general plan, is to play the alt for an hour or so a day, become accepted as a nice enthusiastic newb, then when the time is right, wreak as much havoc as possible (200 BPO’s, yes please). 


Odysseus is currently training for a t2 fit Rifter, which should be adequate for killing hulks/haulers/unsuspecting frigs.


On a related note, on the new trial account I have been entertaining myself by completing the new tutorial missions, and I must say that CCP has done a great job designing them…

They are pretty much your standard missions, but the rewards are pretty awesome (for a newb) and they are tied in with the tutorial popup to explain concepts like tanking, ECM, manoeuvring, etc very well.

All in all, much better than when my main character started (2003).


Stay tuned for more progress updates from project Odysseus.

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