Movie Battles v0 Hack (almost) complete

Pretty much as the title says really, I have finished porting my Movie battles hack to v0.

In addition to a few cleanups in the code, I changed the aimbot from aiming at the the models origin, to aiming at the chest bone (from the Ghoul2 animation system). This should make it a bit more accurate, as I am assuming that mb2 uses ghoul2 tracing for blaster bolt collision detection.

It also means that with a few changes, I can make the aimbot pick between shooting at different bones based on which ones are out in the open, by running a trace to the head, chest, hands, and feet. The bones that are not occluded will be aimed at based on priority of damage (Head first, then anything else), go headshotbot!.


Unfortunately, the lag compensation is still not 100% perfect (pings above 150ish through the accuracy of the ruptor off).


There is still no prediction for weapons, so the disruptor is the only gun it works with. I have plans to change this though, with a  bit of maths, it shouldn’t prove too hard to calculate the angle of interception based on the player direction, player speed, weapon speed, and distance. This would make for epic lols with close range pistol headshots/etc.



As to a release date:

I am being pestered a lot on servers by people that want me to release it. But I am still on the fence about the whole thing.

After releasing the last version of the hack, and seeing entire servers use it, I fear for what releasing this version would do to the MB2 community.


Unlike a larger game like Counter Strike, the MB2 community does not comprise of hundreds of thousands of players, so aimbotting and wallhacking is a lot more obvious (and harmful?).


Anyway, comment on this blog post with whether I should release it or not, and for what reasons.

49 thoughts on “Movie Battles v0 Hack (almost) complete

  1. Hello,

    first, good job, you have made a hack impressing in 2 weeks.

    Personally, I shall like very much trying a hack as it, I have never had there the opportunity seen which I play only a little.

    Then, it belongs to every person to know how to use its hack discreetly, or simply be ban of servers.

    Furthermore, the wallhack is already used by a certain number of players…

    And I insist still above to say that the effects surprise do not exist any more anyway, there is either of Ghosting, or "Sense" or Wallhack simply :) .

    I really hope to see the exit(release) of this hack for my part.

    I hope to see thus really the release of this hack for which I wait impatiently.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english :p.

  2. Release it, that way the mb team might get more concerned about their anti-cheat system or even release more frequent updates for the mod. And the state of the community can’t become worse, there has always been a lot of flaming, whining and e-drama.

    P.S. I’m looking forward to browse through the mb forums after the release.

  3. I suggest you not to release it, because as you said, mb2 community is small. This cheat spreads fast and every guy who want to pwn the world in their first month, will have it. MB2 team gave up cheat protection since nobody uses SAC. If you really decide to take part in ruining this mod even more, then do it.

  4. Oh, and one more thing. Comments will mostly written by those, who wants your hack. That is why they visit your site.

  5. To Bab’s comment:

    If you saw one of those public wallhacks, what most of the cheaters use, u should know that those wallhacks are not really good. Owen’s wallhack is miles away from those. And yeah you can detect aimbot easily, wallhack with a little attention, but how could u detect health ESP? And what is more important, if you will really optimize this hack for other weapons, it will be hard to say too, if you play with it wisely. And for the last word: Many good player will be accused of wallhacking and aimboting even if they make a nice kill without cheats. So now new players with this hack will be better then those who play this game for years but without hacks?

  6. Do not release this hack. Its great that u have overcome the challenge and maybe advanced as a hacker but still don’t release the hack. There is no need for that. Mb2 is a free mod that ppl who don’t get paid anything for doing it r just in it for fun. If ppl like u come to the mod and release their hacks the devs could lose their interest and possibly stop doing the whole mod.

    If u simply insist to ppl see that u actually managed to do it and want some credit for it, make a video of it or something. Just don’t spread the hack and put this great mod in to a jeopardy.

  7. I mean ‘gratz and all actually managing to make a hack that integrates well with V0, but is it REALLY necessary to be testing it on public servers so frequently… hell, you could make a private game; invite a few neeks, rape and pillage them. Sure; it’s a coding breakthrough and whatnot, but preferably not at the expense of the players who have spent a lot of time developing the community and the devs who have spent a considerable amount of their own schedule to sort out these issues.


  8. Anyway there will be always updates of MB2..

    That it have a hack or not there, it will always be necessary to correct bugs or to improve the game.

    So much take advantage of the hack :).

    PS: bad e-mail first comment :s

  9. Never, MBII is already too much cheated, more cheat will be worst than better. The only thing we can hope is MB team will improve their protection against cheat.

  10. Yeah, release it, maybe it’ll force the devs off their asses and maybe they’ll actually release something good along with patching it.

  11. Don’t release this Hack. All the people here saying that it will push the team to work at a new Anti-Cheat System didn’t get yet that the Team is not interested in developping a new Anti-Cheat System. They got bored of doing stuff just because the community acts so retarded. While I can partially understand your interest in coding hacks as you see it as challenge I’d appreciate you not to release it to the Public. There are already enough people who feel all so pro while they just have a huge advantage with their hacks and they are mostly the reason why everybody considers this community to be completely retarded. Not to mention the opposite of it when good people will get accused of hacking. Your last release lead to a huge wave of hackers and triggered off some sort of snowball effect since most people were like "hey cmon so many people hack, why shouldnt we do it too" and they really said it that way. I can’t foresee what will exactly happen if you release it but I can assure you that the game will suffer a lot.

  12. I think that if the aimbot is not release, it would be necessary at least release the wallhack.

    Half of the community uses it… So much to put everybody has equal.

    For the aimbot, has you to see, even if I think that people work above also…

  13. If you do decide to release it, at least make it similar to the last one so you can type !kill and they’ll commit a suicide.

  14. I am Brazilian and server’m waiting anxiously for this hack, I hope you think better to launch .. you know how this update will be out very soon, is always changing, rc1 rc2 rc3 and etc. .. just going to create something to change it for example v1, I’m waiting on their site to download a hack ..

  15. Helllo Owen, I have to say you have my respect for doing such thing, but only from side of coding skill. Now, you have a thing everyone playing this game for some time now, who doesn’t need some hack to do good is afraid of. So well don’t release it man, keep it for yourself, have a lot o fun send it to your friends, but come on don’t release it for public. And if you really feel like releasing it, then at least do some protection hardcoded, just like last time, something like averesting at the start of each round and /kill command to get rid of cheater. But I think, this time you should do it , that not everyone can easily delete that 1 line. So yep you are skilled coder I guess, but stay fair man, this game is nearly dead and TOR is coming soon, so it is kinda unfair to release thing like this for public, in this time when MovieBattles is going down day-to-day.


  16. I already stated my opinion on the last news entry.

    But if you hardcode the ad into the hack with no possibility of it being removed you might aswell release it.

    Servers without admins would still suffer but all the civilized places would be able to kick and ban the cheating bitches.

  17. Shit is just some player who doesnt have balls to tell his real nick since he just wants to use this hack to power up his non-existing skills.

  18. @Shit: First of all try to post here with your real nick please. We all know that the only reason why you say that he should release the hack is because you want to use it. And using hacks in a game is what I call retarded. If you are serious with the mb team though, just go and ask them. They will tell you: "There is SAC. Go and use it.". They don’t really give a damn about this retarded community anymore since it is mainly consisting of dumbfucks like you.

    And the snowball effect which happened and will happen is already shown here in the comments e.g. the one by Pada 4.5.

  19. Owen I think your a douchebag for releasing your first hack in RC3. I admire your skills as a computer programmer, but if your going to make a hack, keep it for yourself and don’t give it to the whole damn community. You’re totally just pissing all over what the mb2 team has done to make this mod by making this hack so public. You know i’m right.

  20. I applaud your coding skills in being able to make the hack in the first place. I’d prefer if you kept it out of the public, since it was easy to bypass the advertisement and go about your business aimbotting and what not. I think I speak for many people when saying that if you hard-coded the ad and suicide command into your next release (if you do), that it would still keep servers under some level of control.

    On a side note, will you be having the source available like your last release? I’d be interested in seeing it, but I would advise keeping some parts out (SAC bypass, maybe some parts of the weapon predictions…i.e, keeping the completely overpowered stuff out, while keeping some important and basic functions intact). That’s my 2-cents.

  21. I haven’t released it, publicly or privately, and there is no way the source could be "stolen".

    You may have seen me playing, I play under a new name for each server.

  22. His hacks are great, you should drop yes, you very intelligent and one of the only ones who can do many great hacks for MB2

  23. I don’t think you should release it, if you do then release source, not the hook. So noobs then won’t know how to compile it ^^.

    If you plan to release it again as a complete hack, at least meabe make it like 10 pounds each lol?

    This hook would be much useful to peoples that actually are doing programming to learn something.. Not to noobs cheating on servers.

  24. hi, thanks for this fabulous tool!

    gonna make some damage with this hack


  25. Hello there, I’m using an old version of aimbot and still working for me… but people are gotting my ass kicked even when I’m using this. I need a new and improved hack for mb2! When u will release this?

  26. it’s not that hard to aim, seriously just aim ahead of the person running in the general direction and if it’s the sensitivity lower it or raise it whatever makes you comfortable, as for the hack i’ve never tried it or any atleast but i think you shouldn’t release it so that way more people can learn to lead their targets and or negative lead

  27. Owen, you released lots of hacks 4 other previous versions. Why not just release it? Or you could PM some of the people who want this hack privately so they won’t know the website and spam it.

  28. This won’t be the case. The team currently lacks the resources to tackle any sort of anticheat measures. Even if a hack were to be released, we wouldn’t want to release our next build with half of the features still not fully operational.

    The only thing a really harmful hack might cause is stall development. Take the current IP masking issue for reference here. Zudni (our only fully active coder) has spent a fair bit of his time working on a fix for this. It will soon be released as a hotfix to the v0 release rather than it being bundled with new features. So whoever has started dicking around with that IP masker can be congratulated for stalling us by at least a week.

  29. Is that IP masking issue you are referring to the USER_INFO overflow issue? Setting your yuser info to greater than 1024 (so the ip address doesnt get copied in, hence you cannot be banned)?

    Cos I fixed that on my server mods project as a QMM addon. There are byte code patches available for dedicated servers too, and server admins should be responsible for applying the correct set of patches for their servers.

  30. you should release it and keep making more. it will force the devs to make the mod to that people wont need hacks. i personally wont use it. but i do think the community is f´ed up. they are mostly very arrogant, e-peening, elitist a-holes. 90% of the time the only map that gets played on is doft and i think thats because gunners have an advantage and it´s next to impossible for a newer player to learn the game on such a map. thats a shame too being as there are so many maps in the mod. the admins probably play gunners themselves and therefore pick those maps to give themselves an advantage. if you go on the forums and try to give feedback on the gameplay(not a suggestion but feedback) you get flamed and insulted and told that it´s your fault for being a newb(although you fair quite well in other mods) and that everything is fine because they are still pwning people and you have no right to say how you think things should be. you even get told that your an idiot for wanting to play a jedi in a game called jedi knight. and it´s the devs and leaders faults for not doing enough house cleaning of their own and letting the nerd ragers and 30 y.o. kids lurk around and make the community volatile. in reference to matrix2, you´re the oracle, you´re the one who stirs things up. god knows that community has been stagnating and festering for quite some time.

  31. lol if you have to hack to play any game, then you shouldn’t play it at all, not aonnye elses fault you suck and can’t playif you want to be excellent at this game then don’t download itdon’t make aonnye suffer because you can’t play

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