Movie Battles 2 v0

I’ve finally got my pc set up in my new flat and adsl piped in from Sky, no sky tv though (damn rules against having a dish on the house).


After receiving a number of emails asking me if I have any plans to update my Movie Battles hack to work with the new v0 patch, I have decided that yes, I will.


After having a quick dabble into the new patch, it looks as if nothing much has changed. Which is good, as it should not take long to get a beta version up and running.


SAC on the other hand, will be harder to work around. Although from what I hear, no one uses it (and when I went online to look for servers, none were running it) so it may be a bit of a moot point.


Stay posted for progress updates.

7 thoughts on “Movie Battles 2 v0

  1. You will not stop wont ya? We are having a hard time creating this mod and you keep banging it each time. Really, get on to something productive rather than destructive.

  2. The issue is not that he makes these tools … they can be very valuable for gaining programming experience and being able to bypass certain boundaries proves that one knows his craft.

    But sharing and/or publicly offering them is the [u]real[/u] bitchmove.

    Maybe to some the development of hacks and countermeasures is a game in it’s own .. but it’s nonetheless egoistical and generally a bad trait to ruin a product for many people by offering ways to abuse it.

    Software companies have been known to hire people that found and attacked vulnerable leaks to improve their product .. we do not have the luxury to make anything good of the hackers.

    But as seen with Deathspike, it’s never too late to make amends. :D

  3. I saw the video of the RC3 P3, it is really impressive.

    I was also able to see you on a server, the aimbot looked like finishes.

    I play MB2 sometimes the week-end, it must be funny so I think i will try it.

    We could know if the works advance ?

    Good luck.

    PS: Guys, make you a life it’s only a virtual game…

  4. you should release it and keep making more. it will force the devs to make the mod to that people wont need hacks. i personally wont use it. but i do think the community is f´ed up. they are mostly very arrogant, e-peening, elitist a-holes. 90% of the time the only map that gets played on is doft and i think thats because gunners have an advantage and it´s next to impossible for a newer player to learn the game on such a map. thats a shame too being as there are so many maps in the mod. the admins probably play gunners themselves and therefore pick those maps to give themselves an advantage. if you go on the forums and try to give feedback on the gameplay(not a suggestion but feedback) you get flamed and insulted and told that it´s your fault for being a newb(although you fair quite well in other mods) and that everything is fine because they are still pwning people and you have no right to say how you think things should be. you even get told that your an idiot for wanting to play a jedi in a game called jedi knight. and it´s the devs and leaders faults for not doing enough house cleaning of their own and letting the nerd ragers and 30 y.o. kids lurk around and make the community volatile. in reference to matrix2, you´re the oracle, you´re the one who stirs things up. god knows that community has been stagnating and festering for quite some time.

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