New flats, Java and JoGL

I am currently on the tube to work. It’s 7:28 and I’ve been commuting for 30 minutes already, with 1:30 still left, ugh! (yay for notes on the iPhone)

I’ll be free of the curse of commuting for 2 hours at the end of the month however, as I will be moving into my new flat with my lovely girfriend who is moving down from Yorkshire to be with me in London. Awesome.

What is also awesome is that the flat is conveniently situated 10 mins from the tube station closest to my office, meaning a quick shuttle bus ride to work, and easy transport links into central London for evenings/weekends. Epic.

In non personal news, I have started to port my companies flagship product to OpenGL/Java to expand our Market to mac and Gnu/Linux in addition to Windows.

All this work with Java in the office got me interested in writing my own simple (at the moment) Java games engine, using JoGL as a binding for OpenGL. On Sunday I took my trusty hackintosh netbook to my favourite cafe, ordered a full English breakfast and got to work. 2 coffees later I had the basis of a 2d/3d engine written, currently supporting primitive rendering through a GLSL pipeline, woot. Next in the todo list is implementing a 3d model format, should be interesting.

I was surprised how quickly and easily a Java window can be created and OpenGL started up for rendering compared to c++ with directx. Much quicker, with a lot less overhead. We shall see what happens :).